This is where all the quest are! enjoy(there is more to come soon)

Marshy Isle

MarshTon Barber Shop:-The Braiders and the Swamp Monster. Talk to MrsBraider. Then go to Bog Isle. Head south, past two Venus Flytraps, you'll see him above the third. Don't go back and talk to MrsBraider like MrBraider tells you too. Head to the rock that you can see just south of MrBraider and click on it to look under it. Talk to the frog and go back to MrBraider and tell him what it was. After you finish talking to him, go back and talk to MrsBraider.

MarshTon Bank:

-SirStratosphere's Nacreous Cloud. Talk to SirStratosphere, who wants his own cloud. Then go talk to MrsNebbish in the Marshton Library. She will tell you to go to the AngleTon Library and talk to ProfReasoner. Go to the Meteorology Section - top left, far left by the window, second row.
Once you find the book, talk to the librarian again. Check the AngleTon City Hall for ProfHerringbone but first check the book out. Talk to ProfMarathon at the City Hall who will tell you to go to Line Isle. Talk to MrsTadeWater in the Line Isle Docks. You'll need to search around the house that is found in the dead center of the isle. Click the garbage can and use search. Now that you have the key, you can gain access into the house. There's a book on the table, click and read it. Before you leave, go to the bed and search, finding ProfHerringbone's Binoculars. Go to Glaciar Isle, talk to the Mayor (standing outside the City Hall). Go to Crystal Isle. His cabin is found North-East, close to the beach. Only cabin on the isle. You will have to click on the left snowbank by the house and search for the key to gain access. Talk to ProfHerringbone. To get the jar of cloud, you'll need to find three things. Jar of Milk and Bottle of Water can be found at the GlacierTon General Store. The Yellow-Barred Moth is found on Bog Isle, by the Milkweed plants. You'll find the Milkweed plant just sound of MrBraider. Click on it, search and you'll get the wings. Go back to Crystal Isle and give all the ingredients to ProfHerringbone. Now you have to jar, it's time to head back to SirStratosphere. Return the book to the library when you're done.


MarshTon Inn:

-Mallows for MrNeedleMan. Talk to MrNeedleMan. He'll ask you to get six Marshmallow Roots for him. Travel to Bog Isle, and pick six mallow roots. Return to MrNeedleMan.

MrOddMan's House

-MrOddMan's Dilemma. Talk to MrOddMan. He wants you to prove that what he has are geese. Then, head to the library and talk to the librarian, MrsNebbish. Books on the animals are on the third bookcase along. Search and you'll find the book. Go back to MrOddMan and show him the book. Continue arguing with him about it, and he'll eventually give in.


Glistening Family Home

-MrGlistening's Allergy Remedy. Talk to MrGlistening. Go talk to SilkyFur on Crater Mountain so she can make a shampoo that won't have allergies. SilkyFur can be searched at the City Hall to see the location on Crater Mountain. You'll need to collect 5 Sunflowers and 10 Raspberries for SilkyFur, both of which can be found anywhere. You'll also need 5 Vanilla Beans, found in the jungle and 3 Yucca flowers found in the desert. Go back to SilkyFur once you have all the ingredients and when you receive the shampoo, you can head back to MrGlistening.


LadyRibbon's House

-LadyRibbons and the Mystery of the Miniature Book. Talk to LadyRibbons, found upstairs. She asks you to search for tiny books to see what her daughter is up to. Search the cabinet downstairs, directly behind the stairs and you'll find a tiny book. Go back up to LadyRibbon and show it to her. She asks you to go find her daughter, CandyLass, who is on Swampy Isle. Make sure CandyLass doesn't know her mother sent you. Head to the inward point of Swampy Isle and then head directly south until you encounter CandyLass and her horse (near the sand), talk to her, but don't pressure her. Don't reveal that you're taking notes for her mom, whatever you do. Go back and talk to CandyLass if you ever meet an Esroh. Return to LadyRibbon's with the information.


Cobalt Family Home

-LadyCobalt's Glazes, pt 1. Talk to LadyCobalt, found upstairs. You will need to travel and collect stuff for her. Sodium Feldspar, found on Alpine Isle. Dolomite, which is best to find in the bottom of the biggest pool, in the wettest cave. Kaolin, found mostly on Arid Isle and Tin Oxide (Cassiterite) from a Rock Store. Get to Alpine through Blue Mountain. To get to Blue Mountain, go to the far left entrance on Cavern isle. The Feldspar is found on Alpine Isle beach, to the north. Go south of the big rocks, digging to the right of the palm tree that's tucked away from the rest. Now, for the Dolomite, you'll have to head to Rocky Cove Isle. When you get to a cavern with a large pile of puddles, use your shovel on the largest one in the middle, you may have to move around to pry up the dolomite. For the Kaolin, go the far eastern side of Arid, and dig on a copper/rock pile. You'll also get the Cassiterite you'll need. Head back to LadyCobalt and give her the ingredients.

MsDragonfly's Home

-MissDragonfly's Malachite Quest. Talk to MsDragonfly. She wants you two kilos of Malachite and two kilos of azurite from MrRareStone, who lives in Sunshine village. He has the malachite, but wants you to go collect the azurite for him, which he left in a mine car. His mine is on Rocky Isle.Once you find the mine car, search, get the minerals and head back to MrRareStone. Make sure you get the recept for MsDragonfly. Once you have it, you can head back to MarshTon.

ThimbleSan's House

-Talk to MissThimbleSan upstairs. Offer to take out her rubbish, and you'll get money and a bonus point.

MarshTon Veterinary Clinic

-Talk to DrCottonWool, who wants you to go around to the people of MarshTon and collect measurements for a Vaccine. First, MrsMars is found at the MarshTon Trainer. Once you've notified her, head back to DrCottonWool. Continue on this way until DrCottonWool tells you it's enough.

MarshTon Horse Painter

-Talk to FanBrushLad. Go to the general store and pick up him comic from MrCyprusGrove. Return to FanBrushLad.

MarshTon Pet Store

-MissMilipede's Collection. Talk to MissMillipede. She needs ten more bugs to complete her collection. Look in Pitcher plants (small stalks with black tips) on Marshy Isle and Swampy Isle. Head back to MissMilipede once you've managed to collect all ten.

Dry Isle

MissMerryWood's Home

-MissMerryWood's 1st Delivery. Talk to MissMerryWood. Deliver the box she gives you to the AngleTon General Store.
-MissMerryWood 2nd Delivery. Talk to MissMerryWood.  Deliver ths box she gives you to MrsWaterline on Pond isle, found in the Dockhouse. Head back to MissMerryWood.

DryTon Veterinary

-DryTon Vet's Cotton Balls. Talk to DrFelineSon. He wants you to get some Cotton Bolls for him, which are found at the general store. Talk to MrsSilica at the General Store for them and head back to DrFelineSon.

DryTon City Hall

-MrsParchingson's Snack. MrsParchingSon wants some Lemonade and Rice Pudding. Go talk to MrsSaguara in the Inn for it. Return to MrsParchingSon and give it to her.

DryTon Bank

-MrMoneySafe's (Possibly Counterfeit) Money. MrMoneySafe wants a Bottle of Vinegar to check if the coins he was given are fake. Go to the DryTon General Store to get some. Head back and give it to MrMoneySafe.


DryTon General Store

-Cashew's For MrsHopTo. Talk to MrsHopTo in the General Store. She wants 100 Cashew Nuts for a new recipe she is making, and needs you to gather them. Droplet Isle is a good place to pick them. Return to the General Store when you have all 100 to complete the quest.

DryTon Barber Shop

-JackElope's Missing Sister. Talk to the little rabbit sitting on the floor. His name is JackElope and he's lost his sister and wants your to find her. He tells you to look around a tree in the northwest (He means a cactus). Head north of the buildings and then straight east. You'll see his sister, JillElope, sitting at the base of one of the larger cacti.  Comment on how she looks sad, and follow from there. Go back to talk to JackElope.

MsFlamenco's House

-MissFlamenco's 1st Translation. When talking to MsFlamenco, she starts asking you questions in spanish. Answer them, in spanish. There a books on the table to help you, which you can read as you talk to her.
-MissFlamenco's 2nd Translation. Talk to MissFlamenco again. Once again, there are books on the table to help you out, which you can read as you talk to her.
-MissFlamenco's 3rd Translation. Talk to MissFlamenco again. Once again, there are books on the table to help you out, which you can read as you talk to her.

ProfPageTurner's House

-The Mystery of the DryTon Library. Talking to ProfPageTurner, you find out her favourite book from childhood, 'How to Draw Cute Kittens', is missing and she suspects someone stole it. Offer to look for it. She'll give you to the key to the DryTon Library. Use your magnifying glass next to one of the bookcases and you'll find a piece of felt. Go and tell ProfPageTurner about it. When you've seen her, go talk to MrQuickerSilver, her neighbour in the east. MrQuickerSilver does have the book but will only give it to you on the condition that you don't tell anyone he had it. Go back and return it to ProfPageTurner.

DryTon Feed Store

-MrSouthWind's Delivery. Talk to MrSouthWind and he wants you to deliver a bag of feed supplement to MrsWaterFord at the Livery Stable next door. Get the payment and then head back to MrSouthWind.

Plains Isle

PlainTon General Store

-MrFineWares' Delivery. MrFineWares wants you to deliver a sack of groceries to MrGreenGeltSan at the Bank. Return to MrFineWares once you've delivered the groceries.

PlainTon Smithy

-MrHammerStrike's Shells. MrHammerStrike wants 5 scallop shells.  There's an unlimited suppy of scallop shells at the General Store. If you don't want to pay for them, search in the flotsam scattered along the beach.

EbonyIvorySan's Home

-EbonyIvorySan's Music Quiz. EbonyIvorySan has the quiz for you about music. Answers in order as follows: wood, four, quartet, 2, soft, three, drone, percussion, round and bass.


MadamTriangle's Home

-MadamTriangle's Cotton. MadamTriangle needs 15 Bolls of Cotton since she is running low. Islands Lake Isle is a good place to pick them. Return to her and hand over the cotton.

LordTerraCotta's Home

-KaolinSon's Lunch. KaolinSon wants some apples and a bottle of tea from the general store. Talk to the general store owner to get them and return to KaolinSon. Click on the barrel outside LordTerraCotta's home to hide the food in there. You'll need a shovel to open it. Go inside and tell KaolinSon about it.
-LordTerraCotta's Shells. LordTerraCotta wants shells to make a special glaze. Travel to the westermost part of the isle. Rake just north of this point, around flotsam and things that have washed up. There are to spots you should rake on, around a bunch of logs. Head back to LordTerraCotta and give him the shells.

SirCamelHair's Home

-SirCamelHair's Portrait. BouffantKin's owes money for a portrait to SirCamelHair. She runs the Barbers Shop, go collect the money from her and take the portrait. Get the money and return to SirCamelHair.

LadyWaffler's Home

-LadyWaffler's Spaghetti Pot. LadyWaffler ordered a new spaghetti pot from MrHammerStrike, the local blacksmith. Go collect it for her. Return to LadyWaffler with it.


Penman Family Home

-Ink for MrPenman. Run over and grab more ink for MrPenman from the general store after talking to him. Return and give it to him.

PlainTon Vet

-If you scratch the dog, TeddyBear, you'll earn a ruby and 2 bonus points.

Tiger Isle

TigerTon Rock Store

-MrsSummerStorm's Special Delivery. MrsSummerStorm wants you to collect a sheet of cinnabar with MrSteerHide at the Cutting Arena. Go get the cinnabar and return to MrsSummerStorm.

TigerTon Tool Shop

-MrScales' Hidden Treasures. MrScales has buried his treasure, needing you to go find it for him. First treasure is buried south of MrQuickSilver's cabin, on Banana Isle. Once you've dug up the diamond, return to MrScales. His second treasure is buried on the easternmost tip of Glaciar Isle, go dig there. Once you've found the pouch of dubloons, return. The last of the treasure is buried between two mausoleums on the graveyard on Decay Isle. Grab the codfish, and finally head back to MrScales.

LordRollingStone's House

-LordRollingStone's Cat. LordRollingStone's cat has gone missing on Deep Jungle Isle. Talk to his sister there, LadyChatWorthy, who is a botanist. Her house is found in the very north of the isle. She hints to go look in the south of the isle, near a jungle temple. The cat is found by a tree, south of the river. She'll be home at four, go tell LordRollingStone.

TigerTon Hairdressers

-Biscuits and Gravy for ClipAndSnipSon. ClipandSnipSon wants biscuits and gravy, go ask the inkeeper if he can get some. Return to ClipandSnipSon with the biscuits and gravy.


TigerTon Library

-GalaxyLad's Diorama. GalaxyLad needs to do a dioramas but he's seasick and can't collect the items. You'll need any six of the following:

  1.  Miniature cactus from one of the Desert Isles - Talk to MrsParchingSon in the DryTon City Hall. She recommends you go see MrBones on on Golden Isle, in the dead center. He'll give you a key for his cabin, and you'll have to search for the miniature cactus yourself. Search in the cabinet at the back and you'll find it.
  2. Fossil from one of the snow isles - Talk to MrsSevenStars, the mayor of GlaciarTon (she's on the deck). She tells you that the best place is on Ice Cube Isle. There's an area on the easternmost side of the isle, tucked away. On a flat piece of ice, you'll see a little dent in it, go dig there. You'll need a pick to clear away the rock. There's your Trilobite fossil.
  3. Slide rule from somewhere around AngleTon - Talk to ProfMarathon at the City Hall. Go to the General Store and talk to MrGoldenSun, he'll give you one.
  4. Jar of fresh olive oil from Pond View Village - Go to Dumbbell Isle, from Narrowed Isle. Head to The Withies' Home and talk to MrsWithies, she'll sell you a jar of olive oil.
  5. Sample of Molybdenum ore from Rocky Isle -This is the one that I left off the list.
  6. Blue dahlia from leaf isle - Talk to GiddySmurl, who will tell you where Blue Dahlia's grow. Head straight south from her house, then a little west, stopping just before the beach. There will be a giant blue flower to indicate that you're in the right place. Search around the bottom of the plant, you'll need to use your rake.
  7. Bonsai tree from DwobbitTon - Talk to ZinniaBop, Flori Village on Prairie Isle. She has a bonsai tree she no longer needs.
Head back to GalaxyLad with the 6 items.

SafariSon's Home

-PrinceSafariSon's Sealing Wax. PrinceSafariSon needs four ingredients to complete his secret wax seal. He needs a pound of beeswax (get it from HoneySan in AngleTon, found in the City Hall), a small box of resin from LordRedSpruce in TigerTon, a pound bag of shellac from MrSpindler in MeadowTon (His house is lined in red), a bulk of chalk which comes from MrObsidian's Rock Shop in DryTon. Lastly, purple pigment from MissDragonfly in MarshTon. Return to PrinceSafariSon.

Tiger Isle

-MrOarsman's Pearls. Talk to MrOarsman, just south of the waterhole, east of Tiger Isle, found on the sand. He needs 15 pearls. Just search in the flotsam. If you have an underwater helmet, you're able to search the reefs.


Tiger Isle Docks

-MrsMarlinSpike's Stamps. MrsMarlinSpike wants you to deliver stamps to friends. One sheet goes to LadyChatWorthy on Deep Jungle Isle, in the north west, and one sheet goes to MissFrigate on Stem Isle, in the dock house. LadyChatWorthy will give you some sheets of stamps to take back and give to MrsMarlinSpike. MissFrigate has stamps that she wants taken to LadyChatWorthy. Return to MrsMarlinSpike.


Meadow Isle

Rush Family Home

-MrBristleRush's Anniversary Present. MrBristleRush wants an anniversary present for his wife. She wants a gemstone bracelet with emerald, turquoise, blue sapphire, tanzanite sulfur crystal, and an amethyst. Go to a silversmith when you have them all. Gems can be found in the mountains. The silversmith is found on Amber Sands Isle, in Thar Village. Return to MrBristleRush.

MeadowTon General Store

-LilBusyBee's Cookies. LilBusyBee wants some milk and cookies but doesn't have enough money. Talk to the General Store Owner. He's out, so go check the inn. The Inn Keeper sends you to MrsSpindler on the east side of town. She'll sell you the cookies, head back to LilBusyBee.

MeadowTon Livery

-MrStrawSon's Hay. Deliver a message for MrStrawSon across town to MrsBromeHaywain, rust-roofed two-story building. MrsBromeHaywain then asks you to ask MrStrawSon what kind of hay and straw he wants. MrStrawSon asks you to ask MrsBromeHaywain if she has fescue hay and rice straw. They don't have fescue, so head back and check again with MrStrawSon. He says he wants lucerne hay but at a lower price. Go back and report to MrsBromeHaywain. She says she'll only sell it at the normal price, go tell him that. He decides he will take the buffalo grass hay, go back to MrsBromeHaywain and retrieve it. Take the receipt back to MrStrawSon.

Haywain Family Home

-MrsHaywain's Dinner Call.  Talk to MrsBromeHaywain, she wants you to go tell her kids (two in the park) that dinner is nearly ready. Go talk to them and return and tell her what they said.

MeadowTon Tack Shop

-MadamCavesson's Felt. MadamCavesson needs 3 squares of felt. Felt Square craft plans are found in ShearlingKin's Home in NarrowTon. You'll need 5 pieces of wool per felt square to be able to make it along with a Sewing Kit. Return and give the felt to MadamCavesson when you have it.

MeadowTon Barber Shop

-A Treat For MrsRunningBond. Go to the General Store after talking to MrsRunningBond to pick up a Mug of Hot Cocoa.

-MrSnipAndTuck's Brushes. Talk to MrSnipAndTuck. Go across the street to MrBristleRush to collect MrSnipAndTuck's new hairbrushes. Return and hand them over.

LordCanvasser's House

-LordCanvasser's Missing Hour. Talking to LordCanvasser, you find that he's recently lost the hour hand off his pocket watch in the house. You'll need a magnifying glass. The hour hand is found upstairs, on the mat next to the bed. Go downstairs and give it back.


MissReamkins' Home

-MissReamKins' Paper Supplies. Talk to MissReamKins, then go to Dumbbell Isle and pick up wood-shavings for her from MrWithies. Also grab 5 pink orchids, found on the Jungle Isles,  and 5 magnolias, found on the Marsh Isles. Return once all items have been collected.


MeadowTon Bank

-MissSunFire's Copper Wire. MissSunFire wants someone to take spools of copper wire to MissAtoll in the Banana Isle dockhouse. Then bring empty spools and 25 copper nuggets back. MissAtoll will have empty spools for you to bring back. You can either buy the copper nuggets from a rock store or mine them yourself (you'll need a pick-axe). Return and hand over the copper nuggets and empty spools.

-MrsCashWorthy's Breakfast. MrsCashWorthy wants a stack of pancakes for breakfast. The pancake recipe is found in the DryTon Inn. Give MrsCashWorthy the pancakes.

MeadowTon Vets

-DrKindred's Horse Owners Quiz. DrKindred has a quiz for you. Answers as follows: Colic, floating, 99, knee, wormed, rainrot, laminitis, strangles, yearly and thrush.



Alpine Isle

-AlpineDuck's Lost Token. Found just west of the inner point of the beach. Talk to AlpineDuck and he has lost something. Use your magnifying glass at the end of the nest and find the coin. Give it to him.



Narrowed Isle

-FibberLad is in the pen next to the City Hall. Tell him how you found the piece of paper in the AngleTon Library. He denies it and wants you to get the note for him. Use search on the bookshelves by the lantern, closest to the window and grab the note. By giving him the note, you'll earn 1 bonus point.

-Apples for FibberLad. Gather 10 red apples for FiberLad.

NarrowTon Inn

-MissLime's Search for Captain Hasty. MissLime wants you to find an old friend of hers, CaptainHasty. She got a letter from him. The letter is typefaced.
According to her, there's only one man who could help with this and she hasn't seen him in awhile. His name is MrAirCue. He's a detective who can only be contacted in cases of great need. Can be found on Deep Jungle Isle, source of the river. You agree to look for him, and are given a key.
Head to Deep Jungle, and continue south-east until you're just before the start of the water. Find a boulder that has three levers inside it. Decipher the lever code, and you'll end up on Oak Isle. Go the house on Oak Isle, and you'll find MrAirCue.
From deciphering the notes, you'll figure out that Elfins have kidnapped CaptainHasty, and you're to look on an isle with rocky spires and copper. Go to Pinnacle Isle, by taking the east portal on Cavern Isle. Once you arrive at Pinnacle, remain out in the open and travel east until you see the next portal, which will have a boulder to the west of it. Use your magnifying glass at the base of the rock and you'll find a note. The note is cryptic, so return to MrAirCue to decipher it.
From reading the note, you find out that CaptainHasty is in a disguise as MrCrossbones in Crabwood Village on Vine Isle. Talk to him, and he'll give you a message to give to MissLime. Head back to her and pass on the message.

NarrowTon Clothing

-MissFashion's Big Idea. Go collect 25 Giant Pollen from the flower isles for MissFashion. They can be found by clicking on the piles of leaves on the ground and searching. Return when you have the pollen.

NarrowTon Tack Shop

-LadyMartingale's Saddle Soap. Go to the general store and pick up saddle soap for LadyMartingale.

-LadyMartingale's Bird Burglar. A crow stole LadyMartingale's eyeglasses and she wants you to find them. The glasses are found in a tree just to the west of the town, south of the town buildings. You'll need to use binoculars to get them down.

MissNetter's Home

-MissNetter's Netting. Go collect a knitting shuttle from LadyPurl on the east side of NarrowTon, netting cord from MadamWeaver on Dumbbell Isle and lead weights from BatMasterSon, the NarrowTon mayor found at the City Hall.

FeatherStone Family Home

-That FeatherStone Boy. Talk to MrsFeatherStone then go upstairs and tell her son to stop stomping around. Go back and tell MrsFeatherStone that he's doing his homework.

-MrsFeatherStone's Request. Go collect 10 coconuts. You can pick them from palm trees lining the beaches. Return and give them to MrsFeatherStone.

-AgateLad's Agates. Find 50 Agates for AgateLad. These can be found amongst flotsam on the beach. The NarrowTon General Store also has an unlimited supply of them.
-MrFeatherStone's Muse. MrFeatherStone asks you for ideas. If you answer 'tree' he'll go along with it.

NarrowTon Vets

-DrHealRight's Vet Tech Quiz. DrHealRight has a quiz for you to complete. Answers are as follows: 11, heaves, vaccinations, hoof,  350, threadworms, metacarpal, flehmen, coronet band and IM.


Angled Forest Isle

AngleTon General Store

-MrsWelcomer's Tomatoes. MrsWelcomer needs 6 tomatoes. Tomatoes are a ranch item, so you can either grow them on your ranch, buy them off subscribers or hope that someone has sold some to a general store.

-ProfStarlight's Papyrus. Talk to ProfStarlight, who wants 5 papyrus stalks to make up a new star chart. Papyrus grows around the Pyramid Treasures.

AngleTon Clothing

-AngleTon Clothier's Coconuts. MrSeamSon needs 200 coconuts. You may have to make several trips, coconuts can be collected from palm trees along the beach.

AngleTon Inn

-MrSteadyOn's Easy Horse Heredity Quiz. MrSteady on has a quiz for you. If you stand in the right place, you'll be able to read the books on genetics on the shelf behind you. Answers are as follows: Dominant, recessive, allele, black, different, chestnut, all, twins, cream dilution and yes.

-MrSteadyOn's Harder Horse Heredity Quiz. MrSteady on has a quiz for you. If you stand in the right place, you'll be able to read the books on genetics on the shelf behind you. Answers are as follows: Independently, buckskin, bay, palomino, true, yes, no, two, primitive and Amber.

-MrSteadyOn's Hardest Horse Heredity Quiz. MrSteady on has a quiz for you. If you stand in the right place, you'll be able to read the books on genetics on the shelf behind you. Answers are as follows: Pangare, polygenic, black, mahogany, sorrel,  sandy bay, Belgian, Isabella, dun and 'E'.

-The Mystery of the Missing Stones. GroovyCrystalSan lost her healing stones and you agreed to find them. Don't bother searching, just talk to her again and she'll say her room is the middle one upstairs. You'll find nothing if you search for them and she'll ask you to talk to other people. Talk to LadyParmigiana and you'll find out that she took them because GroovyCrystalSan was disturbing customers with them. You agree to compromise, so go discuss it with GroovyCrystalSan. She agrees to stop bugging the customers, go and tell LadyParmigiana who will tell you she buried them in the giant boulder in town. Dig at the boulder south of the in, at the intersection. Return and hand the crystals back to GroovyCrystalSan.

-AngleTon Inn Scones. LadyParmigiana needs 6 lemons (you can get from Grass, Birch, Twin Rivers and Meadow Isle), 50 almonds, which you can get from Line and Prairie isle, 12 cinnamon bark curls, which you can find on the jungle isles along with the 6 vanilla beans. Return and hand the ingredients over.

The Misses Gemstone's House

-The Misses Gemstone's Mystery. Talk to MissRubyGemstone. They have a statue called GEORGIA, and someone has stolen the gemstone from the center of it and replaced it with a fake. They found a clue, which neither of them can figure out where they put it. Go and search in the dresser on the first room upstairs and you'll find the paper with the code. Talk to MissRubyGemstone again, and she'll tell you to look in the library for a book on clues. The book is open on the table, in the back corner of the library. Go back and tell MissRubyGemstone that you've figured it out, and she will tell you to go ask the Mayor of MeadowTon about a coppersmith. The mayor will tell you to talk to MissSunFire, who's found in the Bank. She doesn't know anything about fake gemstones, but she recommends you talk to a glassblower. Go upstairs to the last room in AngleTon Inn and you'll fine MadamGoldFire, a glassblower. She tells you to talk to someone on one of the Desert Isles. Talk to MrsParchingSon at the City Hall, ask about a 'Banana' she'll tell you to go to Amber Sands Isle and talk to Bandana. BandanaSon tells you to rake outside by the cacti to find shards of glass, one of which could be real. Once you have the shards, head back to the Misses Gemstone's with them. They can't tell which ones are real, so go see LadyTitre down the road, in the red-edged house. LadyTitre will give you the real gemstone, and you can return to MissRubyGemstone for the last time.

Professors Probability and Euclidean

-ProfEuclidean's 1st Challenge. ProfEuclidean has a quiz for you, but since the questions are subject to change you'll have to figure them out on your own.

-ProfEuclidean's 2nd Challenge. ProfEuclidean has a quiz for you, but since the questions are subject to change you'll have to figure them out on your own.

AngleTon City Hall

-HoneySan's Lost Queen Bee. Go search around Apple Trees for HoneySan's queen bee. She's by the trees below the horse painter. Go back and tell HoneySan.

ProfTaxon's Home
-You can clean the fish tank for three bonus points.

LongStory Home

-ShortStoryLad's Marbles. ShortStoryLad wants marbles, which can be found on the west beach with your magnifying glass. On the westernmost point, if you search near some logs and flotsam, you'll find the marbles. Return and give him the marbles. He's lost his favourite aggie. Rake east of the southernmost abandoned house to find it, and go give it back to him.

AngleTon Horse Painter

-Models for MissCrimsonSong. Go pick up model horses from SparLad on Prairie Isle for MrsCrimsonSong. SparLad is found in the dockhouse. He needs you to collect two wooden logs, Big Forest is a good place for this. Click on brush piles in the forest to uncover the logs. Once you have the logs, go give them to SparLad and the return to MrsCrimsonSong with the horse models.

AngleTon Library

-ProfReasoner's 1st Vocabulary Challenge. ProfReasoner has a grammar quiz for you, composing of 40 questions. All answers are google-able.

-ProfReasoner''s 2nd Vocabulary Challenge. ProfReasoner has a grammar quiz for you, composing of 50 questions. All answers are google-able.

AngleTon Livery

-MissMare's Horse Treats. MissMares needs 10 green apples for the horses. There are some apple trees just north of the forest.


Equestrian Park Wagon

-LadyTandem's New Supplies. Run down to the General Store in AngleTon and collect brushes and polish for LadyTandem.

Angled Forest Isle Dockhouse

-MadamPortsMouth's Encyclopedia. MadamPortsMouth is looking for a PrinceDaring. He made an Encyclopedia of the Horse Isles. She wants to have at least one of the original three copies, and recommends you go see the Penman family in PlainTon. They live in the blue-trimmed house, on the west side of town. MrPenman will tell you to talk to his wife. MrsPenman will tell you that her grandmother made the copies. He gave the copies to his friends, she doesn't know who they might be so she recommends you see PrinceDaring's granddaughter, LadyVoyager, who's found in the MeadowTon Inn upstairs. She can't remember where she hid her diaries, which may hold clues, so you need to search in the other rooms. You'll find a diary by clicking on and searching the bookcase behind the stairs, downstairs. The clue in the diary says that you should look for a row of palm trees you can count on, the treasure will be under number five. Go to Big Forest Isle to look for this, using your shovel on the north beach, the east end of it. Return with the diary t